International Odissi Dance Festival 2023

Vision & Mission

  • To promote research in the field of Odissi dance and music and in pursuance of that end to establish model institutions devoted to the teaching of and research in dance and music
  • To Co-ordinate the activities of different associations institutions of dance and music
  • To co-operate with the organizations corresponding in objective to this institute and with similar institutes, other institutions and associations for the furtherance of its object so as to encourage the exchange of ideas and refinement techniques in regard to the arts of dance and music in different regions
  • To publish literatures of Indian and Odishan dance and music
  • To sponsor Odissi dance and music festivals and competitions
  • To receive grants, subscriptions, gifts, endowments and other donations and in furtherance of the activities of the Institute to purchase land, own property of all kinds and maintain, sale, mortgage or otherwise dispense of the same
  • To build, construct, improve, alter, demolish and repair such building works and constructions as may be necessary for carrying out the objects of the institute.
  • To draw, make, accept, endorse and discount cheques, notes or other negotiable instruments
  • To issue appeals for funds in furtherance of the objects of the Institute and undertake management of any endowments trusts, funds or donations not inconsistent with the objects
  • To make rules, regulations and bye-laws for the conduct of the affairs of the Institute and to add, amend, vary and rescind them from time to time with approval of the State Government
  • To take up such other activities as may be required to further the objects of the institute
  • To take such steps so as to identity and trace the evaluation of Odissi dance and music through permanent documentation
  • To undertake steps to highlight and present the experimental side of choreography
  • To take steps and do such acts to further composition, notation, documentation and dissemination of Odissi dance and music form
  • To undertake such steps so that all activities documented and recorded are kept in an Archive of Odisha


For promoting and propagating the Odissi Dance Form and Odissi Music and conducting Research in various facets of this rich cultural heritage of the State.

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