International Odissi Dance Festival 2023
IODF 2023 starts 26.12.2023. Important update regarding photo and videography


Odissi Research Centre has an archival library with a number of Cassettes (VHS), Films (35mm), Spools and Audio Cassettes of the traditional Odissi Dance & Music from their inception. It contains videoes of Gotipua of various groups, Maharis, Odissi Dance Compositions as well as compositions of various living Gurus.

Various Postures of Odissi Dance Style are being demonstrated by the Dance Gurus, as there are hardly any written documents. For the first time, Research Centre has done the nomenclature of the still position of the different limbs like hands, foot, toes, neck, head and their Abhinaya and living tradition. This codification has thoroughly been discussed through seminars attended by Dance Gurus. Codification has been video recorded and preserved for future generation.

The Centre has published Two Volumes of books on Odissi Dance Technique, which has received wide acceptance both inside and outside the Country. While the First is a Pioneer Illustrated Book on the Grammar of Dance to be used as a teaching manual, the Second codifies and fixes Stylistic Stance, norms delineating the Vocabulary and Kinetic Phraseology of the Dance Form.



For promoting and propagating the Odissi Dance Form and Odissi Music and conducting Research in various facets of this rich cultural heritage of the State.

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